Day 10, Cold Shower and Beautiful Fishing

I had a great night’s sleep and woke up to a gorgeous morning. The shower in that bath house was much colder than I expected but I managed to get through it. I then went up and add a another fabulous gourmet meal with Kim’s cooking. When I was leaving I went over to say goodbye to Kim by the bath house and she asked me if I had taken a shower that morning, she then told me that she just noticed the water heater temperature been left on vacation and she hoped it wasn’t too cold. I told her that I just thought you Canadians must be really tough.

I took off heading about 80 miles south for Pendleton Lake. It has a cabin on it that Travis and his dad rent out to float planes and it is supposed to have good fishing. It also looked quite interesting with many fingers and islands. Of course as I got close there was a big black rainstorm right around the lake so I continued farther south to check out Donnell Lake that I had also heard was only accessible by float plane. I did some low tree line passes at Donnell but I did not like the way the winds were coming in across the mountain at the departure end and chose not to land. Back over at Pendleton the rainstorm had moved enough that I was able to get in and land. The fishing was good and the scenery was spectacular it is a gorgeous pristine lake.

I taxied down and looked at the cabin for a possible trip next year and it looked very nice. I was just a little concerned about the dock and shoreline because it was full of big sharp rocks. Late in the day I took off and flew through a number of heavy rain showers getting back to 108 Mile for some fuel and to pick up the extra gear I had left in a locker. I then flew down to 100 Mile and had a good dinner at the Firehouse Diner.