Day 17 & 18 Rain day and Beach day

Day 17 was a rain day, but we had a great time. I went to the airport and spent some leisurely time organizing and cleaning things up with the plane and Julie did some badly-needed relaxing. We then went to a place called Picnic Charcuterie and got a bunch of gourmet meats and cheeses for a late lunch wine pairing back at the Air B&B.  Then we were off to take a walk in town and have the best sushi I have ever experienced (and that includes San Francisco). Everything was prepared perfectly and the sashimi just melted in your mouth with the most incredibly delicate flavors.

Day 18 was also a rain day. We went over to The Pointe Restaurant for brunch. It was a spectacular place with a round setting restaurant right over the rocks with the waves crashing in. We did not get a picture of him, but the chef was out on the rocks picking seaweed for dinner while we had our brunch. We took a walk on that beach and then went down to Long Beach. I’m not sure how long it is but it is incredibly long and filled with surfers (actually Tofino is a very big surfing town, it seems like all the locals have a surfboard and 90% of the tourists are there for surfing). It is a really neat beach because it is so flat that the tide goes very very far out. I’m including this next picture because it is so funny that as we were holding the camera for a selfie and a small wave hit our feet and we both looked down at our wet feet just as the shutter clicked. Julie did a romantic sand drawing and it was amazing to see that where she scratched the stick and actually in every square inch of that enormous Beach just the tiniest bit under the surface it was full of amazing red worms! We had such a nice time at The Pointe Restaurant that Julie somehow managed to get us dinner reservations. This place is booked months in advance but she talked them into a table. The food was beyond fabulous and they printed a menu personalized with our names on it. Also the Sommelier really enjoyed talking with Julie (she is a extremely knowledgeable winemaker). the Som brought us samples of many many British Columbia wines to try and comment on with different parts of our dinner.