Day 16 Sightseeing and Fishing in the rain

We had a leisurely morning at the Air B&B place, it was kind of a one bedroom completely separate guest house.  We never even spoke to the hosts the whole time we were there. We went out flying around the area but there were a number of low cloud layers and even though it would have not been difficult to navigate underneath them, I did not know the weather patterns and did not want to get too far away from the airport and have some fog close in behind us, there was still a great deal of incredible scenery within about a 60 mile radius of the airport. It was really fun to see all the different cabins on the islands and along some of the inlets even though 90% of it is protected reserve and quite pristine. The salmon farming operations were interesting to see from the air but we had also heard from Darren that they are definitely a big environmental problem for the Marine ecosystem. We landed up one of the few fjord inlets that was very secluded and did some fishing. It was really fun to see how much Julie enjoyed it. The fish finder showed all kinds of schools of fish beneath us. It was raining on and off but that actually made it even more peaceful and beautiful. We were both just overjoyed to be out there floating in that gorgeous fjord. There was a small group of porpoises that was working around where we were and it was really cool to watch them, but we were ready to stop fishing if they were too close. Eventually we could see that the clouds were definitely dropping down lower in the direction of the airport and we headed back looking for bears along the shoreline but did not see any.